Shelf Life- No Boundaries by:Allison Hobbs

No Boundaries by-Allison HobbsA cross between Shades of Grey and Z-Rated, No Boundaries takes readers on an unforgettable journey as a young law school graduate stumbles into an alternative lifestyle full of naughty pleasures.

Just out of law school, Jaguar is deep in debt. When his fellow graduates head off to exotic locations to celebrate with sun and fun, Jag has to stay behind and earn a living. Bartending seems undemanding—an easy way to make money before he gets on the fast-track of corporate law. Meanwhile, slinging drinks does have its perks: free booze, big tips, and plenty of women hitting on him constantly. He’s not looking for love, just a little fun to forget his troubles.

But when he meets a mysterious dark-skinned beauty named Fonia, Jaguar is intrigued. Handsome and confident, Jag has never had problems attracting the opposite sex, but he gets only a cold stare when he turns his charms on Fonia. During a rare conversation, Fonia offers Jag an opportunity to make extra cash bartending at a private party. But the party is nothing like Jag has ever experienced. Not even the wildest frat party could compare to this extravaganza where no pleasure is forbidden.

Shocked to his core, Jag realizes that Fonia is heavily into bondage and submission. She belongs to a dominant master and Jag hates to watch her surrender to her deviant lover. But Jag refuses to give up on Fonia, trying to gain her trust and save her from her painful lifestyle. Gradually Jag convinces Fonia to leave her brutal lover. She’s captured his heart, just as he helps her discover that true love never hurts.

Release Date: July 2, 2012

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