Happy 69th Birthday to The Boss Ms Diana Ross!

Diana RossHappy 69th Birthday to the original diva, Ms. Diana Ross!!!!! Before there was any of these young girls of today their was Ms Ross. Born March 26, 1944 to Fred and Ernestine Ross in Detroit, Michigan, USA. In 1959 she became the fourth and final member of The Primettes, and upon signing to Motown their name switched to The Supremes and were reduced to a trio. As lead singer of The Supremes, Diana Ross helped break down several racial barriers, becoming iconic with both black and white people, and paving the way for other black artists to break into the “mainstream”. In 1970 she went solo and became an all-round entertainer and actress, winning a Golden Globe and earning an oscar nommination for her portrayal of Billie Holiday in Lady Sings The Blues. She has had 18 no.1 hit singles, sold over 200 million records worldwide, the receipient of countless awards and in 1993 was honored by the Guiness Book Of Records as being the Most Successful Female Singer of all time. She also holds the record for being the Most Charted Female Singer on the British Charts with 87 hit singles and over 50 hit albums. She is also one of the few stars to have TWO stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame – one as a soloist and one as a member of The Supremes.


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