Say What?: Claudia Jordan Pens Final Letter on Omarosa

Claudia Jordan 2

This morning our girl Claudia Jordan posted a letter on the whole Omarosa situation to her Facebook page.

“OK I have been getting texted, tweeted, inboxed and called about this Omarosa incident. So Im going to post what happened and be done with this ratchetness. So I was on the red carpet. There were some fans sitting in these bleachers looking down on the red carpet. A few of them called my name and my friend Pam Baker who was escorting me down the carpet pointed and said “They are calling you Claudia-they want to take your picture.” I said “Aww thanks!” And began posing for their cameras. At that moment Omarosa walked thru my shot interrupting and said to me “Stupid Bitch” and I said “Whaaaaaaat ever- then she came BACK around when I was talking to Brandon Deshazer and went out of her way to hug him (but it was really so she could antagonize me again) and she said to him “Don’t get to close to her-you might catch crabs.” Her mother was behind her walking past me and as she walked by she snuck a little punch to my right bicep. I said “Really? Really? Are you serious?” Then I said “Well why don’t YOU get out of Michaels House because you are squatting on the property” (true story-check the documents-the family sent to me asking for help. Michael Clark Duncan never left Omarosa his home upon his death. Matter fact-since she wants to assault me-I can speak some truth to you all. Omarosa was never really engaged to MCD-she bought her own ring and wore it to the funeral to PLAY the grieving widow. They were not married-and the family knew nothing of an engagement. Don’t believe me? Google photos of her and him and please tell me if you find one with the two of them and her wearing this engagement ring. OK I say that to say this-if you are the type pf woman willing to buy your own right and fabricate the engagement to a man after his passing and to try to stake a claim in his house but in the meantime selling off his valuables in a yard sale-then you are for SURE the kind of woman that would lie about an assault. I have sat by and let this horrible human being slander me, call me names, go on radio and television shows lying on me because Celebrity Apprentice was her last chance to extend those 15 mines. NO ONE CARES about the mean girl anymore. Congratulations-you “carved out a bitch character” for yourself on television. But since then there have been a million bitches. And it never leads to any long term success or happiness. So what does she do? She picks fights with La Toya Jackson to extend those 15 minutes-lies about suing her-she NEVER SUED LA TOYA. Then she goes on tv and radio slandering me. That didnt give her the boost she needed. So this time she picks the HIGHLY COVERED Media wise-BET Awards to act up to get some press. There is no way ANYONE who claims to be a woman of GOD=goes on the air calling someone a prostitute-when she was the SAME woman bragging to me about sleeping with LisaRayes Husband-the Prime Minister of Turks & Caicos-when we were at lunch at the IVY-FACT! This is NOT a woman of God who talks about taking people out. This is NOT a righteous woman woman who encourages her mother to get matching breast implants on television just so they can get some more press. This is NOT a good woman who has a red carpet at the funeral of the LOVE OF HER LIFE-yet never sheds a tear. I am so tired of being attacked and me ALWAYS taking the high road and never speaking on what THEY do. So here it is. THE TRUTH the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing BUT the truth. The REAL reason Omarosa and I feel out on Celebrity Apprentice was because I was DISGUSTED by her constant bragging on set that she got all MCD money and his mother and sister were left with NOTHING. I was disgusted when she told me, Brande and La Toya that she had access to $100,000 of MCD foundation funds and would use that to win Celebrity Apprentice. I was grossed out while on task-her and I were at the department store buying dresses (episode 3) when O told me “Claudia when Michael was alive I used to BEG to use his black card-NOW I HAVE HIS BLACK CARD” I could NOT continue to be friends with someone like that. Michael was an amazing guy but way too trusting -and he let this monster into his life who has done NOTHING but try to use him in life and in death and I quite frankly am disgusted by this. He was a friend of mine and THAT is what this all about. Since my falling out-several family members of Michael Clark Duncan have reached out to me thankful that someone had the courage to speak out against this evil woman. They are heartbroken that she sold his personal items without checking to see if the family wanted anything. They are hurt by her bragging about his assets. There is SO much more but this is exactly what omarosa wants. A war on the media. Because NOW she can go on Wendy Williams or other outlets and play the victim and beg for 15 more minutes-and america with its sick hunger for drama and disfunction will buy it and eat it up! I posted this LONG status update cause Im doing this once and one time only. THOSE are the facts… there are family members of the deceased that will back every thing I have just said. Ask Sandy Duncan-Michales sister. I have NOTHING to gain by fighting with this troll. I HATE it. I want it over. I was shocked at her name calling-ya know being a so called reverend and such. But hey this is a society where a priest will molest kids and still have a following. Where people will show you their true colors but because they gave us a moment of 2 of sensational television we will be “Fans” of the bullshit. Well I guess I’m cut from a different cloth. Im in that world but Im not OF THAT WORLD. I’m going to continue being classy and being HONEST and HOPING the right people will appreciate people like me in the game that are not about that NONSENSE. I may get criticized for this post=but at this point Im so over this mess. I have spoken my side-you can take from it what you may. This is an evil rotten person in my opinion and we need to collectively stop giving these types of people a platform and tv time…and eventually that breed of “celebrity” will become extinct and we won’t have to worry about future generations emulating this kind of TRASHY and hypocritical behavior just to “get on TV.” Im done.”- CJ

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