{Shelf Life} LaChelle Weaver Spills the Tea On Her Debut Novel ‘Sister Surrogate’

Sister Surrogate by LaChelle WeaverI had the opportunity to sit down with LaChelle Weaver before she gave birth to her debut novel Sister Surrogate. So sit back and enjoy what we discussed and please comment and share this interview with everyone you know.

Hi LaChelle, how are you?
LaChelle: Hello, King. I’m doing great. Thank you for this opportunity. I appreciate it.

Give the readers a brief bio about yourself and as a writer?
LaChelle: I’ve always been an avid reader, and that sparked my interest in writing at a very young age. As a writer, my first debut as a published author was with Brown Girls Books’ bestselling anthology, The Dating Game, which went on to be nominated for a literary award. My short story in that anthologyis titled, “We Ain’t the Huxtables”.

Tell the readers about your debut novel book ‘Sister Surrogate?’
LaChelle: Sister Surrogate will be my debut novel also releasing under Brown Girls Books on July 12, 2016. It centers around three sisters: Bridgette, Ivy and Savannah who like many sisters or any family, sometimes face challenges within their sisterhood, but can come together in a time of need. The youngest, Savannah is diagnosed with an illness that compromises her fertility, and when one of her sisters offers to become her surrogate it sparks a whole lot of family drama. Not everyone in the family is happy about this decision. It’ll be an emotional read, but has its humorous moments as well. I really enjoyed writing it, and look forward to its debut.

Photo Courtesy: Jason Frost

Photo Courtesy: Jason Frost

Where did the idea for Sister Surrogate come from?
LaChelle: It started a few years ago while I was sitting in a nail salon getting a pedicure. I happened to be flipping through a fashion magazine, and there was an ad for a gynecological cancer that featured three sisters, and the youngest was afflicted with the disease and ultimately passed away. So, from there, a story was born.

How soon in the writing process did you find the novel’s structure?
LaChelle: The struggle for me is usually coming up with a catchy title. I have to have that first before I can begin writing the story and thinking about how I want it to flow. While on a trip to Harlem with two of my Sister Scribes from The Dating Game, we were there for the literary awards ceremony we’d been nominated for, they helped me come up with the title, Sister Surrogate and then an outline was born, which I never do. I’m a PanstSister Surrogate by LaChelle Weaver. So, I have to thank my Sister Scribes, Natalie Woods Leffall, and Cheryl Ashford Daniels for that brainstorming session.

Which character was hardest to write?
LaChelle: I’d say Savannah was the hardest to write because she’s dealing with a sensitive issue and I wanted to make sure I was cognizant of that. I wanted to ensure that I was putting out accurate information, which was vital for me to tell her story, so I had to do a lot of research. And honestly, it was emotionally draining sometimes. She’s the character that I feel readers will relate to the most. I hope overall that the story will spark conversations.

What are you working on at the moment?
LaChelle: Completing the final edits for this story, and then resuming the novel I was working on prior to Sister Surrogate. It’s titled, Life Ain’t a Sitcom and it’s my follow-up story to “We Ain’t the Huxtables”, my short story in The Dating Game. I’m excited to complete it and get it in front of readers.

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