What Do Black Women Do When Their Best Isn’t Enough?

Happy Black WomanIs it me or does it seem like black women can never do enough? What do we do when our best isn’t enough? We’re the fastest growing business owners. We’re the highest educated group of women in the United States. 43 out of 50 of us graduate from high school. Black women outrank any other groups of people in college. Who can you count on to show up at the voting polls election season? You guessed it! Black women.

Even on the health side of things black women are taking the matters more seriously. Per research done by the Kaiser Family Foundation, HIV rates are down among black women! Even the rate of teenage pregnancy for our young girls are down. Black women are out here kicking butts, creating jobs, paying people, and taking names!

And yet, it seems that nothing we do is good enough. I know that can be a bit frustrating. In droves, we are out here breaking cycles and generational curses and statistics one at a time. All of those things that people throw at us in an attempt to beat us down, we’re proving that what the world thinks of us and what we can actually achieve are two different things.

So, what do we do when our best isn’t enough? We keep moving, just like we always have. Black women have been forced to be resourceful for generations and while the black community and the world has used us as their mules, black women are finally saying, “no more!” We’re putting ourselves first and fighting our way out of the pits of poverty.

So even when our best isn’t enough for the world to see us as great as we are, remember, we’re more than strong. We’re more than your mammies and your mules. We’re more than your baby mamas. We’re more than the backbones of the black community. We’re more than our hair and our sassy attitudes. We’re more than melanin queens. We’re more than our curvy bodies, asses, and hips.

We’re your leaders and innovators. We’re a multitude of things that your mind can’t begin to understand. So, no, our best isn’t enough because our best is yet to come. If you think all those great things we’ve achieved is our best, then hold on to your seats. You ain’t seen nothing yet.


A black woman whose best is yet to come…


Nikki Michelle is an author and writer. Pick up a copy of her latest book Bi-Satisfied. Connect with Nikki on @NikkiMichelle84. Leave your thoughts below on this article.




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